Claire DeWitt Cover

by Sara Gran

My new book has a cover! I’ve been the lucky recipient of many lovely covers but this is by far my all time favorite. I love the color, the letterpress-y text, and most of all the big fat green parrot right in the middle. I think it’s an excellent representation of the work itself.  About the book:

The first in a new series featuring the dark, weird, brilliant, quasi-psychic investigator Claire DeWitt. While the tattooed, pot-smoking Claire has excellent skills of deduction and analysis, she also uses dreams, memory, precognition, and mind-expanding herbs to help her solve mysteries. But most of all she relies on guidance from the mysterious French detective Jacques Silette and his enigmatic book, Detection. Shot through with memories of Claire’s years as a girl detective in 1980s Brooklyn, these are no ordinary mysteries, but rather investigations into the very nature of mysteries themselves. What is a crime? What is a mystery? Why do some of us solve them while others pass them by? And most of all, how do we know the truth, and recognize it when we see it?

The first book (CITY OF THE DEAD) takes place in post-Katrina New Orleans, where Claire DeWitt has a long past. Assistant district attorney Vic Willing went missing during the storm. But the clues tell Claire he didn’t drown–he was murdered. Hired by Willing’s nephew, Claire investigates in the city she used to love, where her mentor, Constance Darling, was murdered years before. And in the wreckage, Claire finds the depths to which people in crisis can sink–and the heights to which they can rise.

The second book, in progress, takes place in and round the San Francisco bay area.

This cover took A LOT of work and good faith from the editors, agents, designer, et al–I was really picky and kept sending it back until I got what I wanted. So let’s please show them some appreciation and love for their hard work!

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