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7 Comments to “Contact us”

  1. Any interest in joining the Tuesday’s Overlooked Films (and/or Other A/V) meme/roundelay?

  2. Thanks Todd! That’s a kind invitation–I’ll check it out!

  3. I’m still not quite recovered from The Mystery Boookstore closing in Westwood/LA. I’m curious as to how many other small specialty bookstores of its kind are closing across the country. How many that you two list on this blog are still open? I’ve discovered both of your books during my last visit their in mid-2010 (in fact I bought Dope there on my last visit). I was looking forward to going to more events. Anyway, thought I’d check to see how you two felt about it. I’m not sure to what degree bookstores like that featured in your book tours.

    ps. On the goodbye letter currently posted on their door, they note that, outside of the UCLA bookstore, they were the last bookstore left in Westwood. Ack!


    • Hi Adam! I’d actually never been to the store–I haven’t toured much before now. BUT they probably sold more books of my books, especially DOPE, than any other single location (with the exception, maybe, of The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale and Murder by the Book in Houston, both of whom have also been tremendously supportive). So it’s a huge dissapointment for me not to have them on the team with this release. And they hand-sold those books. What I mean is, it’s not like people would have bought those books somewhere else and just happened to buy them from Bobby or Linda–Bobby and Linda would sell my books to people who never would have heard of me otherwise. So it’s definitely money out of my pocket, which completely sucks. And on a less commercial level, I was really looking forward to finally visiting the store and hanging out with those guys! So, a bummer all around. On the bright side, in NYC there a bunch of new indies that weren’t around for my last book, so there’s good news on the indie front as well. I sell most of my books in indie stores so it’s definitely an issue dear to my heart.

      • Hi Sara. I bought DOPE based on employee recommendations at The Mystery Bookstore. That’s one of the reasons I went there, for the recs. But I’m glad to hear about the new bookstores in NYC. Very cool. I wish there could be some meeting of the minds between online and indie bookstores. I know I use both. Best of luck on Claire DeWitt!

  4. .I am writing because I happened to come upon your story about the Alice Crimmons Case.It brings back so many memories because I lived in the neighborhood of Queens where the murders took place. ( I still live in Flushing Queens). I have thought about it so many times over the years.This year will be 50 years this summer when the murders took place. I would love to work on a story about it but have no idea where to begin. And I noticed you said you would love to do a documentary. If you decide to do the documentary I would help you anyway I could. Anyway just wanted to let you know that. Margaret

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