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November 28, 2010

welcome to the dollhaus

by Megan Abbott

Found in today’s San Francisco Chronicle… as a fan of midcentury and of unusual small things, I find myself wanting to crawl into these scenes. I find myself wanting to add a mini Sinatra, slouched in one of the chairs, collar open, pining for Ava. Smashed whiskey bottle on the floor. Or a John O’Hara- girl in a party dress, makeup smeared, one shoe heel broken.  Or a Hopper-esque office worker, staring out one of the windows, mournfully.

It also reminds me of an Alexander Girard exhibit I once went to at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum.  An architect and textile designer, Girard did these great fabrics (and wallpapers and furniture and fonts) for airlines (lavender planes!) and restaurants in the 1960s.

On display at the exhibit and not to be forgotten: an authentic conversation pit (see pix). A great midcentury invention.  It is my secret dream to have one.