Holy shit, my book is in stores!

by Sara Gran

Holy shit, my book is in stores!

This is my fourth book and I admit, it isn’t as big of a roller-coaster ride as the first. Thank God. Those of you have published books before know what I mean. When you have a new book out, every day is an endless spectrum of opportunities for terrible and wonderful things to happen. It’s a bit much to take. Bad reviews. No reviews. Good reviews that don’t get it. Too much attention. Not enough attention. Too much to do. Nothing to do (much worse!). Your book is in bookstores and everyone will see it and know how dumb it is. Your book isn’t in bookstores and no one will see it and know how fucking brilliant you are! Your old boyfriends are going to read it. Or, worse, your old boyfriends will see the book in the bookstore, look at the jacket, put it down, and not read it. And they will do this in front of people you know. Thousands of them. And they will laugh and laugh and their laughter will be heard around the world and reported in every single blog everyone has ever read since the beginning of time.

So it’s better to take a broad view, and not get wrapped up in the little details. I think. You can’t get too excited about the good stuff without getting too wrapped up in the bad stuff. True, it doesn’t bring as much pleasure this way, but it also doesn’t bring as much pain. It’s one of many books, and whether a success or a failure, it won’t be the last. And even the good stuff–the good reviews, the praise, the events where people actually come–can feed your ego in a way that is necessarily healthy or advantageous. Careers are not, contrary to what many say, built the sales or lack thereof of one book. Careers are built pretty much on one thing only: not giving up. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll work like hell to sell this book. But if it doesn’t sell, on to the next one.

Still, though, all that being said: HOLY SHIT MY BOOK IS IN STORES!

17 Comments to “Holy shit, my book is in stores!”

  1. HOLY SHIT!!! Sara, your book is great. I love your book. Fuck any potential haters. Fuck the ex-boyfriends, the ones who put it down and laugh (of which I’m sure there are none in that category), one thing you cannot do when somebody writes a fucking BOOK is LAUGH at them because it’s a fucking bitch to write a book, and where are all your ex-boyfriend’s and any haters amazingly awesome books anyway? Oh that’s right…nowhere cos they NEVER WROTE ONE, they’re too scared

    or maybe they did write one or two, who cares…anyways CONGRATS and YAY! and beyond that fuck it, YOU WROTE ANOTHER BOOK and that alone is no small thing

    xooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox n

    • Thanks Nathan! One fun thing about each new book is new crop of writers you meet with each one, and I’m really glad we get to share this season together. Your support has been a big help. The class of 2012 rocks!

  2. Congrats on the new book out there in the big bad world. No doubt it will take care of the reviewers and critics for you. I don’t think I’ve ever suffered from “too much attention,” but I hope you get that in droves – in a good way…

    I’ve often told starting writers that careers aren’t built by a book (unless you’re Harper Lee). They’re built on a multitude of works over a lifetime. (This, when people obssess about their first book when they should have moved on to their second.)

    • Thanks Steven! My books aren’t all that but I’m kind of crazy so for me anyone looking at me for more than twelve seconds is “too much attention.” But it beats a real job, right? What are you working on now, BTW?

  3. YAY!!!! oh, my gosh, it always catches me by surprise when they’re suddenly OUT THERE before publication and suddenly HERE IT IS.
    But in your case, Sara, there should be no anxieties and nothing but deep, soul satisfaction because this book…this book…it’s beautiful.

    I can’t wait to buy all my copies!!!!!!!

  4. Sara! I can’t wait to read it! Congratulations!!! And truer words have never been spoken. It’s all about not giving up!
    So proud! So many exclamation points and well deserved!!!

  5. Congratulations Sara. This is the first of a series right? I really enjoyed Dope and hearing about this has lead me to others I’ve missed. Will you be in St. Louis for Bouchercon? Hanging with Vicki, Megan and Christa? What a Murderers Row!!
    Randy T.

    • Thank you! It is the first in a series. I will probably be in St Louis but not 100% sure yet. Megan, Vicki & Christa–sounds like the best party ever! How did I get so lucky?!

  6. Thanks guys! yesterday I was a little panicky but I’m better today. I think I can move into single exclamation point/period/comma territory again!

  7. Congratulations! Been really looking forward to this one. It’s going to kick ten kinds of ass, because you are that fucking good.

  8. Sara, here’s the blurb I failed to write, going straight to the public, but yours to use as you see fit:

    “Just when I begin to despair that the PI novel has worn out its welcome, a writer with a fresh take reminds me why I fell in love with the genre. Sara Gran has long specialized in shaking up and revitalizing other corners of the genre world, so it’s no surprise that she performs this same magic in CLAIRE DEWITT AND THE CITY OF THE DEAD. And while I confess to having very little objectivity about New Orleans and no credentials to judge its literary portrayal, this is a valuable addition to the (way too small) body of post-storm novels.”

  9. See Sara?!? You got a pretty high level support group. Laura is on da money

  10. Nathan, I have your book, too! Paid cash money for that one. Now if I could just get through those last 100 pages of Freedom . . .

  11. Laura, I am made speechless by your kindness (people who have met me in person know how sadly rare that is)! I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful blurb, which I am now going to plaster shamelessly around the internet. And the fact that you’re in New Orleans makes it all the more meaningful. I wish there another way to say “thank you”–one where the recipient knew how much you really do appreciate their words, thoughts, and deeds.

    And, if I might be so bold as to make a suggestion, FORGET about Franzen and go right to Larson, who in my book could TKO Franzen any day-I haven’t finished DEWEY yet but I am absolutely loving it so far. I can’t believe it’s his first novel! If he wasn’t so nice I’d be jealous. But he’s such a sweetheart I can only be thrilled at how giant his career is going to be…

  12. But I am so close after an aborted reading last fall. And to give Franzen his due — whatever others said last fall, about how much attention he was getting, he really seemed to understand the meat of the debate, so I was determined to read this book. However, I failed on an early go-round. Adored the first chapter, a tour de force, but faltered in the subsequent pages, which had an implicit archness that I didn’t understand. Flash forward to three weeks ago and I am driving to the airport in New Orleans to be reunited with my suitcase. (Not the airline’s fault. Totally mine. I didn’t get on a flight after checking in. Long story.) New Orleans has a radio station devoted to reading aloud. I listened to a very good reading of a novel that I could tell I was light. The reader was Jed Horne, who happened to write one of the best Katrina books, and when he got to the end, he revealed it was a chapter of Freedom. It turns out to be a very late chapter, but the knowledge of those events allowed me to persevere where I failed before.

    There’s a lesson in there somewhere, about suspense and pacing and what readers need. I’m still trying to work it out.

    • Boy, is anything more important than pacing? I’ve come to conclusion that you can put any old crap in a book and if the pacing’s right, I won’t put down. Even if I hate it. Not that Franzen’s book is any old crap, of course! , I’m sure it’s fantastic. And he certainly does seem to understand these big cultural issues (Oprah! Sexism!) that always seem to land on his shoulders. He keeps ending up in these impossible positions!

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