run, hazel!

by Megan Abbott

Courtesy of past guest, Karolina Waclawiak, who posted the link on Facebook, don’t miss a wonderful tour of mysterious glass-plate mug shots from 1920s Australia, over on NPR.

NSW Police Forensic Photography Archive, Justice & Police Museum/Historic Houses Trust of NSW

Many secrets reside in each and every one.

3 Comments to “run, hazel!”

  1. So many of those women look alike. Sallow, lined and drooping faces.

  2. Wow, the first one is an incredible story! A woman pretending to be a man in 1920s australia–that’s a novel if I ever read one.

  3. Excellent. The photo above puts me in mind of Edward Gorey – maybe the elaborate period dress and the off-center position of the woman? I love, love photographs of criminals and crime scenes, not to mention transcripts of confessions and interrogations. I can get lost in books and websites with photos like these for hours. Weegee photographs and almost anything with Luc Sante’s name on it are at least worth a look. To be honest, I don’t just love them, I need them, to open the right pathways in my head to write. There are details you can’t live without. I just read a great description of Bonnie and Clyde’s tattoos – they both had them, but neither had tattoos of the other’s names or likenesses (there probably just wasn’t time – Clyde got out of jail in February of ’32 and by May of ’34 they were dead). Clyde had a Navy tattoo, though he wasn’t ever in the service. What was that about?

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