Brian DePalma Film Club: earn your RAISING CAIN badge

by Sara Gran

I have Raising Cain burning a hole in its little red envelope! If you’re playing along at home,we’ll be discussing that soon. Megan hasn’t announced her first pick yet but I’m really, really hoping it’s Body Double, a movie that has a strange hold on my psyche (that house! that music! Frankie Goes to Hollywood!). You know, 90% of the reason I love having this blog is because I know I’m going to get read something by Megan two or three times per week. The other 10%? I get to talk about Brian DePalma!

4 Comments to “Brian DePalma Film Club: earn your RAISING CAIN badge”

  1. If Megan doesn’t pick BODY DOUBLE, can I weigh in on? I’m kind of obsessed with that one…

    • Duane, we might ALL have to weigh in on that one–let’s make it the grand finale and we can all chime in. I would love to hear your thoughts!

  2. I’m so behind–I’m still waiting for The Fury to arrive! Duane, please write a post about BODY DOUBLE–I’ll take BLOW OUT or DRESSED TO KILL or SISTERS–probably DRESSED TO KILL. Geez, I’m crazy for RAISING CAIN–but it’s going to send me back to PEEPING TOM firs!

  3. Raising Cain is at the top of our netflix list!

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