books a billion

by Megan Abbott

Square Books, Oxford, MS

Over at Edward Champion’s Reluctant Habits, he has an excellent and exciting list of all the indie bookstores alternatives to the Borders that have recently closed…..special shout-outs to our favorites on the blog roll to your right, and also to the wonderful Book Beat, in my native metro-Detroit environs.

Who else might we add to his list?

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6 Comments to “books a billion”

  1. I knew I forgot someone very important indeed! I just added you to our blogroll!

  2. Square Books in Oxford,Ms., Lemuria Books in Jackson,Ms., Turn Row Books in Greenville,Ms., Subterranean Books, Dunaway Books, The Big Sleep, and Left Bank Books in St. Louis,Mo. The Old Book Barn Decatur,Il., Alabama Booksmith Birmingham, Al. are a few more to add to the list.

  3. Great additions! Of course, Rod, you knew I’d never forgot Square Books! not only is it already on our blog roll–that’s Square Books in the photo!

  4. It never hurts to repeat the obvious Megan. Ha

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