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February 6, 2011

secret sharer

by Megan Abbott

I just received copies of the Polish version of my upcoming book, The End of Everything.

The cover is not dramatically different in content, though somehow the feel is distinctly … rawer (the lost Black Swan poster?).

And yet another variation, the U.K. cover, another young girl scene, but this one feeling almost like a canny twist on a 1970s young adult cover:

I’m thinking here of Sara’s post a few weeks back  about the UK cover for her upcoming and brilliant Claire De Witt & the City of the Dead, the different feel it has than her U.S. one. And how both covers seem to speak to the book rather deeply, but to different qualities of the book, the UK cover shot through with murky urban glamor and the U.S. somehow more enigmatic, mythic, oracular… like peeling back old labels on an ancient shipping crate and finding each more mysterious and potentially revelatory than the last.

A funny note: The End of Everything doesn’t come out here until July, but it’s already out in Poland, which is such a strange feeling. Like having a secret double out there.

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