twine thy strength about me!

by Megan Abbott

After reading Wednesday’s interview with Theresa Starkey, Theresa’s husband, writer extraordinaire Jack Pendarvis, informed me that he had given Theresa a very special gift upon completion of her Ph.D.

As he tells it,

Here is a “detail” from the only piece of art I have ever “commissioned.” It is by Jon Langford of Mekons fame. As you can see, it shows Lillian Gish as Hester Prynne. It celebrates Theresa getting her Ph.D. I wish I could claim I picked the passage from THE SCARLET LETTER quoted on it, but the very literary Mr. Langford did that on his own, without prompting of any kind. It’s Dimmesdale to Hester in the climactic scene: “Come hither now, and twine thy strength about me! … Come, Hester, come! Support me up yonder scaffold!”

Coolest present ever? You be the judge.

5 Responses to “twine thy strength about me!”

  1. A Jon Langford original? Yes, coolest present ever.

  2. Hey, your work looks wonderful–and love the graveyard photos….

  3. pretty cool. the Mekons released one of my favourite singles of the era, Where Were You. it lives proudly in my collection and is one of the few pieces of vinyl i get out these days.

  4. Jack, you put other husbands to shame! Best gift ever.


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