the sweet smell of mad men

by Sara Gran

So I couldn’t stop thinking about Larry Tate‘s cameo in The Sweet Smell of Success and how it takes him out of Bewitched territory and more into the world of Mad Men. And then I started thinking that maybe Bewitched and Mad Men were the same show after all, with Don’s wife, Betty, like a frustrated Samantha. Remember all those five-martini lunches Darren and Don Draper would sit through? And they’d come home late and dinner would be cold and burned? Remember when Larry Tate and Roger Sterling were competing for the Pall Mall account? And Mr. & Mrs. Tate went over to the Draper’s for dinner and Larry made a pass at Betty in the kitchen? And the  there was the episode where Don and Darren drove out to Palm Springs, but then Dr. Bombay showed up and embarrassed Darren (Don sure knew what to do with him, though!)? And when Samantha and Betty got in that fight because Betty slapped Tabitha?  Those were the days…

7 Comments to “the sweet smell of mad men”

  1. Anyone else sad about the way things wound up last season? I mean it’s cool that Don is backsliding and it’s fun to watch him flail around psychically, but it’s just so sad and somehow just unsatisfying, I suspect this is intentional, this is how I’m supposed to feel….I struggled with last season but as with every aspect of Mad Men I’m glad I took the time to absorb it and in hindsight the whole season was just sadness sadness sadness in a good but sad way

  2. How amazing is THE SWEET SMELL OF SUCESS? At the time how did that film go over with the public, I have no sense of that…and yeah Larry Tate, I had forgotten!

    My favorite out-of-safety zone role for an otherwise pigeon holed actor might be Jerry Lewis in THE KING OF COMEDY, he’s amazing.

  3. Whatevs, I just want Don to come back to me.


    Please paste this to your Facebook, My Space, or Linkedin page, Tweet, Reddit up, and do whatever else you can to help this petition go viral.

  4. I avoided everyone’s mad men comments because I’m behind! I’m only half way through season four.

  5. Nathan, I’m with you on this last season of Mad Men—some great, great moments but the Draper arc was troubling to me… and we needed more Pete!

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