Appendix A

by Sara Gran
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Funny little addendum to yesterday’s post: yesterday afternoon my boyfriend and I went to the last matinee of the Film Noir Festival in SF. After the movies, we stopped and got a bite to eat, which we didn’t finish, so we wrapped the leftovers up to take home. We go to the car, get in the car, start driving, turn a corner, and something comes flying off the car. Me: “What was that?” Boyfriend: “I don’t know.” Me: “Did you leave our food on top of the car?” Boyfriend: “No. Oh, wait…”

So boyfriend makes a u-turn, swings back around to the corner, and then, without fully stopping the car, opens the driver door, reaches out, and snatches the bag of leftovers (which were not in such edible shape, but I don’t like to litter). Which of course is another of those strange recurring movie images, although one that’s less common lately–the hero-driver swoops in and picks up his package without stopping the car. I’d never had that happen in real life before!

You’ll be happy to know, though, that the flan was saved.

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5 Comments to “Appendix A”

  1. No! Not for real!? Whilst driving? Your boyfriend is rockstar awesome! He’s a keeper!

    Though he would certainly never blow up say a hospital or a sidewalk cafe, he’s far too nice a guy…but if he did blow something up he would feel no compulsion to look back at the resultant explosion. Why would he need to bother? He can scoop flan intact off the street leaning out of a fast moving vehicle!

  2. Oh, the car was moving like one mile an hour, but he’s still an awesome rockstar AND a keeper (14 years and counting!). But it’s funny, I can see him not looking back at an explosion. He’s very disciplined and not super curious. I’d be wanting to see every detail of my explosion, so I could learn how to improve future explosions if for no other reason!

    • That’s great. My wife is kind of like that and I’m always the one wandering around not knowing what to do next. She has a checklist, everyday, for what needs to happen that day. And we’re both musicians so we don’t actually have real jobs, all the more impressive on her part. Say howdy to the boyfriend. He sounds like he’s in good hands, I would like to be blogged about, with a nice Steve McQueen photo illustrating my inner hero/ anithero-ness

      By the way I didn’t introduce myself, I’m a friend of Megan’s, and I really love your work as well! DOPE was fantastic, and my wife who is super not into noiry or periody stuff loved it too.

      I for sure would duck and cover and look directly back at the explosion, pulling out my hair, “oh lord….what have I done? In battling evil I have become a monster myself!” Then I would try to redeem myself by calling 911 as I ran to attend to survivors. In vain. And that last part I probably wouldn’t do either, I think I’d probably just run home before the cops showed up and after a week of hemming and hawing I’d turn myself in. And be some Aryan Nation dude’s bitch in prison. No I think I took that a step too far. I’d be his bitch but eventually shiv him and become the prison librarian, a man of peace, respected in the yard.

  3. Thank you Nathan! Nice to meet you–I had heard of you from Megan, so I did know who you were. I’m so glad you liked the book, and your wife as well. My boyfriend is also a musician. It sounds like we could use your wife around here. No one has a checklist! We need checklists!

    I too have often thought of being a prison librarian! A strange but noble career aspiration, I think!

    Thanks for all your interesting thoughts. Fun talking with you!

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