by Sara Gran

Hey! if you like this blog–and I know you do, or why would you be here?–please consider posting a link here. Thanks!

6 Comments to “Hey!”

  1. What — what happened to the old look? I rather liked it.

    Any particular kind of link?

  2. Old look? Does the blog look different?

  3. The banner looks the same to me, but the rest of the blog looks brighter and more spacious — I thought perhaps you’d been working on it but perhaps my memory has failed me (not for the first time).

  4. Or (I now realize) it could be that I’m just used to reading this blog on Google Reader rather than on the blog page.

  5. Mystery solved! Thanks, I was sure I’d screwed it up:)

  6. Hey, thanks everyone who put links up! That’s really cool of you, and you’re awesome.

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