PseudoHistory & Ancient Aliens

by Sara Gran

So I now get this channel called History International with my cable plan. This is best channel EVER. It should be called the PseudoHistory Conspiracy Theory Channel. Almost nothing on it is true, but it’s really fun to watch and they have strange long commercials like I used to watch when I was a teenager and stayed up watching tv until sign-off.

On a show about the Hitler/Ancient Alien connection (please tell me you knew about this! Don’t they teach anything is schools these days?), I saw something that fascinated me–a mention of the mysterious Vril Society and one of its members, Maria Orsic. (That’s her in the photo, which I think is fascinating in it’s own right.) To explain what this is, I’m going to take a step back and introduce the Thule Society, an occult group in Berlin that, through some twists and turns, turned into the Nazi party. That’s how the Nazi party ended up appropriating the swastika, which is a beautiful symbol of ancient origins that crosses many cultures–the Thule Society folks studied the occult intensely, and, in fact, shared many of the obsessions of modern occultism: aliens, Tibetan Buddhism, and ancient Hinduism. In fact, I’ve read in a number of places that a handful of Tibetan lamas actually came to Berlin to help Hitler with his cause–obviously, they’d been entirely misled as to what his true cause was, but Jeez, can’t these lamas, like see shit? That’s a big bubble burst. The whole Nazi thing actually makes a lot more sense as you look at is a case of religious fanaticism, rather than a political movement, and it also helps explain why so many otherwise intelligent people were taken in by them–the whole occult, pseudo-mystical thing is very appealing. It’s also useful to keep in mind that these occult groups were all the rage across Europe and the US from the Victorian Era through the thirties–the Golden Dawn is the best known example. But while the Golden Dawn was seriously devoted to spiritual study (and in-house bickering), many just took the form and forgot about the religious stuff: the pseudo-freemasonic trappings of the Ku Klux Klan (calling themselves Grand Dragons and the like) were influenced by this mystical trend, as were the masked, point-hatted costumes of Mardi Gras krewes. (As an aside, many Nazis also believed the earth was hollow, an old theory that has waxed in waned in popularity over the years.)

Anyway, I hadn’t known (and am still not entirely sure, given my sources) that the Thule Society had a kind of ladies auxiliary in the Vril Society, led by Maria, a medium and psychic. According the always-factual internet, the women of the Vril Society channelled  Sumerian entities and never cut their hair (like some Sikhs, they may have believed the hair can serve as an antennae for otherworldly news).  They worked towards channelling alien technology to create a flying saucer for their Nazi brothers. Apparently it all relates back to a Victorian-Era work of science fiction called Vril: The Power of the Coming Race, by Edward Bulwer-Lytton–the inspiration-by-fiction bit reminds me of the current hoopla around the Anastasia books.  According to this deleted wikipedia page (how massively insane does something have to be to actually get deleted from wikipedia?), Maria and her Nazi-ettes disappeared in 1945.  So who knows if there was a Maria and if there was, what became of her and her long-haired sisters?

Of course, one reason why all this fascinates me so is because I, too, study the occult, Tibetan Buddhism, and yoga. And I find the alien thing pretty interesting too. But the conclusions I’ve reached–that all sentient beings are truly one, subject to the illusion of time, space, and separation, and if I cause another harm that is literally indistinguishable from harming myself (not that I always practice that, of course)–are pretty different from those the Thule Society reached: kill everyone.

Incidentally, someone recently spray-painted some swastikas on a road sign near my house. I don’t think it was personal– HALF-JEW LIVES HERE, ATTACK! I think it was likely just some bored kids who figured the one and only thing they could do to get in trouble in our little hippie town. But when I saw those swastikas I realized, after over ten years of studying yoga, I couldn’t see Hitler’s swastika anymore. The real symbol is so much stronger and older than that. Instead I enjoyed those swastikas as a reminder of the divine Self inside, every day, until, the country sandblasted them away, and I missed them when they were gone.


12 Comments to “PseudoHistory & Ancient Aliens”

  1. I have to say, Sara, this is kind of the most fascinating post ever…(and why don’t *I* have that channel? But that’s a conspiracy for a different day…). I am buzzing with thoughts but for some reason the one that I can wrap my mind around most easily is the question: who drew that fantasist portrait of Maria Orsic? It’s so lush it looks like a vintage Clairol ad or an early VC Andrews cover. There’s a story in a story in a story in a riddle here.

  2. Thanks! You know, I’m so silly, I didn’t notice that was a drawing–I thought it was a photo! I found other pictures of her online as well, definitely worth searching but you will encounter some unpleasant nazi stuff. I really wonder what the real story was here–if she was even real at all and if so, what happened to her. Weren’t we just talking about hitler’s niece the other day?

  3. Man, I haven’t heard of these in a long time.

    First heard of the Thule and Vril Societies and their tie to Bullwer Lytton years ago, but never really got much background on them. Was in my copy of Nandor Fordor’s 1933 Encyclopedia of Psychic Science that I lost years ago.

    Which got me thinking, “Hey, I really miss that book.” Out of print but it got bound up in the Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology with Lewis Spence’s 1920 Encyclopedia of Occultism. Also out of print.

    But somebody put up.PDFs of both volumes online that I just picked up. Damn I missed that book.

    So thanks for posting this. Wouldn’t have tracked it down if you hadn’t.

  4. Stephen, I am shocked and thrilled to say I have NONE of those books. I have my week cut out for me. Are you a charles fort fan?

    • How could I NOT be a Charles Fort fan?

      If you’re interested here are the links to the two volumes. They’re surprisingly high quality.

      Click to access encyclopedia_of_occultism_and_parapsychology_1.pdf

      Click to access encyclopedia_of_occultism_and_parapsychology_2.pdf

      The encyclopedias have been updated several times and this latest has some internet sites (questionably useful or current) but a pretty decent bibliography. And many of the entries have the source listed that they pulled it from. Like most encyclopedias they’re more a good start for further reading.

      If your interest extends into parapsychology check out UNBELIEVABLE by Stacy Horn. It chronicles the early days of the Duke Parapsychology Lab and not just JB Rhine’s work in it, but others as well. What’s particularly fascinating is that it focuses on the personalities and the politics rather that the phenomena.

      It fills in some interesting holes in what’s commonly out there.

  5. Cracking post. Now, Maria O is the sort of cult leader I could go for!

  6. Thanks for the links Stephen! And I have been dying to check out that Stacy Horn book, funny you should mention it! And thanks Paul, and I wonder if that isn’t the point–if Maria was some kind of invented character made up by later neo-Nazis to give their ugly history a mysterious, glamorous touch?

  7. Maybe, Maria was like that virtual reality woman in that Al Pacino film that no one saw?

  8. What’s the Al Pacino film no one saw? (Clearly, I haven’t seen it either!)

  9. I think it may be called S1MOne?

  10. Ancient aliens did indeed mate with humans meaning we are they. We are the Nephilim

  11. And P.S.– billions of stars and planets in billions of galaxies; why would anyone in their right mind question more advanced life out there?

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