Down the Checkered Rabbit Hole

by Sara Gran

Oh, the rabbit hole of the Pseudo-Occult Media Blog. This blog is a bit of a hub for a belief that used to be on the fringes but , via the magic of the internet, seems to be gaining fans: that many of our pop stars–Brittany, Miley, Lindsey, et al–are mind controlled sex slaves owned by the Illuminati (who are also running our government, other governments, and the whole world). Which, interestingly, we can trace back to a true story:

Step 1: This all started with a horrifying kernel of truth: via Project Bluebird, Mk-Ultra, and other now-famous programs, our army and CIA did indeed work it’s best to create mind-controlled soldiers from the end of World War II through the seventies. Given the billions of dollars poured into black ops every year in this country, I’m fairly confident they’re still trying. (Have they succeeded? Well, since we have mixed evidence either way, you’ll have to decide for yourself, but that’s a digression).

Step 2: In the 1970s, a former model named Candy Jones wrote an autobiography called The Control Of Candy Jones, claiming that she, a civilian who had occasionally delivered packages for the CIA,  was also a victim of Mk Ultra. (This still seems entirely possibly to me, by the way, but I’m digressing again.) After Candy Jones, mind control victims started coming out of the woodwork. See The Encyclopedia of Mind Control by Jim Keith from the excellent Adventures Unlimited Press for more.

Step 3: Skip ahead a few years to the early eighties, and the recovered-memory hullabaloo. A lot of people were remembering and going public with  true stories of childhood abuse; a lot of people were also coming up with Satanic ritual abuse stories on a scale that couldn’t possibly be true, fueled by unscrupulous shrinks, media hype and, quite likely, real, less dramatic, abuse. Less well-known is that this linked into the recovered-CIA-slave-memory stream, and soon we had lots of people, mostly women, remembering childhoods as CIA programmed sex slaves. This is where I start to lose faith, not because I put this past our government–I put nothing past the government–but because it seems like a whole lot of work to go through when, for better or worse, there’s plenty of decent-looking people out there who will have sex for free or for cash or a clean DUI record. Creating mind-controlled slaves sounds like a lot of work!

Step 4: And then we get to the strangely hypnotic Pseudo-Occult Media. According to current theory, there are certain “triggers” the sex slaves (and other victims!) of the Illuminati are trained to respond to: images of butterflies, cages, fairies, black/white checkerboard, dolls, keys, and most of all eyes, everywhere eyes looking, staring, probing. And why this blog is fascinating to me is because the author is absolutely right–these and other “Illuminati” symbols are everywhere in pop culture, especially in reference to the Mileys and Brittanys of the world, and I never noticed it before he pointed it out. Spend an hour or so on Pseudo-Occult and you, like I, will be haunted by the recurring images of girls with butterflies, girls in cages, girls wrapped in bird feathers, and most of the recurring, ominous checkerboards.

There’s no question the author is on to something here. I happen to think what he’s on to is a previously unrecognized strain of psychological breakdown in our culture. Something about these images of hope, the repeated symbolic capture of these girls–it’s spooky stuff. The sadness of the child star is also evoked here: these young women are, in a very sad sense, “slaves.” Was Brittany ever given a choice in being Brittany? Would Lindsey, maybe, rather study the classics if she didn’t have an army of people counting on her for paychecks? Lord knows I liked to party when I was their age, but I didn’t have an empire to support.

Like many conspiracy theories, I think something very real is being looked at here. Myself, though, I would draw a somewhat different conclusion. And as for you–well, look at the evidence read the books, and decide for yourself. Remember, you’re still allowed to believe whatever you want, and you don’t have to justify it to me or anyone else.

25 Responses to “Down the Checkered Rabbit Hole”

  1. Have you and Megan been talking about Bob Hope?

  2. We have not, but we probably should! Are you referring to the bob hope/sex slave book? do you have it? I wanted to work it in to the post but I’ve never gotten my hands on a copy!

    • I am too scared to get that kind of book! I found out about it by accident. Plus it would seem disloyal to my man Bob Hope. Also, there was Sally Fox, whose letters on the subject of Bob Hope’s mind control powers were published by HARPER’S MAGAZINE… an unrelated case… OR IS IT? Those are the only two people I know of who have claimed that Bob Hope has mind control powers. Allow me to quote from an commenter about the former book, who I guess is the third believer I know of: “Is this due to an organized effort by ‘people in the know’ to create dissassociated [sic], robotic, yet super talented pawns? Would ‘Disney-created’ Britney Spears be one? Tiger Woods another? Read how his dad trained him and you might think twice – what cinched it for me was seeing a tape of Tiger as a toddler being presented as a golf prodigy on the old Mike Douglas show by none other than BOB HOPE!” She or he goes on to ask pretty reasonably why Lindsey Lohan “is in so many movies where she is either a twin, plays 2 people or switches personalities.” Someone could write a good academic paper about the latter point!

      • I was JUST about to post about Bob Hope! But I *thought* Jack and I had so terrified ourselves that we forbid online discussions of it (in fact, Jack, if you recall, you even deleted all evidence of our posts from Facebook, as well you should have….). What you say, Sara, is so true, though. There is always a kernel of truth (or more)—the desire then to spin narratives (or reveal larger narrative structures) so speaks to our desire for meaning, coherence.
        At age 14, I went down the rabbit hole with the JFK conspiracies but of course it began with the recognition that much of the official story made far less sense than so many of the alternative versions. An interesting parallel can be found in the Black Dahlia case—the number of books in which various folks (three, by my count) claim their father was the Black Dahlia murderer or was somehow involved. In fact, in at least one of these cases, the father did turn out to be a suspect but the phenomenon speaks volumes about the Oedipal complex and child psychology….
        On another note, I saw a bit about the Extraordinary Quaids on TV tonight…..

      • IS IT? I have to check out that Harpers–I have to admit I thought I would be the expert in this crowd on Bob Hope & mind control but I’m clearly not even close! But I never had any great feeling for Hope, so I’m maybe a little more comfortable here–he always seemed kind of Ronald-Reagan-ish to me, which is not so good in my book.

        That amazon quote is great–I didn’t know Tiger Woods was another one, but it certainly does add up.

        Oh, yes, the twin thing is big on Pseudo-Occult as well–I bet Megan, with her understanding of Lacan’s/Freud’s writings on the Mirror Stage, will have some insight into that! But that is one of those areas that is real, and so fascinating, and almost no one seems to have noticed…

  3. If you want to talk rabbit holes, spend an hour – though it will turn into six, easily – poking around the missing persons case of Johnny Gosch. Some of it is absolutely batshit. Other parts – like the other two missing boys who delivered papers in Des Moines, Iowa – are just plain spooky.

    Also, speaking of the Black Dahlia case, didn’t Steve Hodel blow his theory in such spectacular fashion with his most recent book about his father? It was laughable…and yet, it was published. I still shake my head as to why.

  4. Oh Megan, I have noticed that about the Black Dahlia too–I used to joke with my father that I would write a book exposing HIM as the killer! We should write something about that.!

    And yeah, the JFK parallel is interesting–when you know you’re not getting the whole story, like with these child stars, your mind will rush to fill the hole with the clues available–nature hates a vacuum, I guess.

    More about the Quaids–what was the news?

  5. Sarah, what’s the deal with the new Hodel book? I hadn’t heard of it. Does is it really invalidate the whole thing? That first book is such a wild ride–so much good solid evidence but also so much nonevidence, like the man ray/dahlia non-link.(For those who are curious this is the suspect Megan was referring to–the other books from what I gather are a little more fanciful.) Did any of you read any of the other daddy-was-the-black-dahlia-killer books?

    There’s also a link here with the people who thought their parents were illuminati and/are satan worshippers during the recovered memory craze. Maybe it’s a way for people to express the enormity of their rage, like when people call their fathers Nazi?

    I never heard of Johnny Gosch–and now I’m scared to start, although being snowed in might be the perfect time!

  6. I like to remind everyone that Bob Hope was probably a liberal compared to Flannery O’Connor! Anyway, I am able to separate his politics from his awesome skills as a comic actor. But that doesn’t mean it is okay for him to CONTROL PEOPLE’S MINDS!

  7. Oh, I was so unclear–I meant Ronald-Reagan-ish in the sense of creepily patriarchal and eerily cheerful and prone to playing golf, not politically! I didn’t mean to offend anyone! But I admit the flannery o’conner reference is lost on me.

    Anyway no, it’s probably not OK for ANYONE to control people’s minds, regardless of their politics!

    • Oh, yes, I can see what you mean about their acting styles and general personae, actually. You didn’t offend me at all! I hope I didn’t give that impression! I thought you meant politics because ol’ Ronald Reagan and Bob were peas in a pod in that regard.

  8. Not at all, I just always assume everything I say offends at least one person! That way I’m never upset when it happens!

    You and Megan have now got me interested in watching a Bob Hope movie, something I’ve never done before–but I will be wearing protective oils/amulets and perhaps burning some candles and maybe even chanting as I do so because I like my mind as it is, thank you very much! I am not taking any chances with that one!

  9. Hodel’s next book about his dad was MOST EVIL, which postulated that not only did he kill Beth Short, and also was the Lipstick Killer instead of William Heirens but was – dum dum dum – the Zodiac Killer! Even though Hodel Senior would have been in his sixties. So totally laughable, and such a cash-grab.

  10. Oh, Sarah, I started reading about Johnny Gosch last night! As you said, a rabbit hole! Much like Etan Patz, who was the spectre of doom here in nyc growing up–he was what would would happen to you it you weren’t careful! Ironically, dozens or more kids less privleged than Patz were going missing every year in NYC back then, but no one was too interested. I have to stop myself from writing more about Etan Patz now–I will save it for a whole blog post! And of course, that seems to be solved now.

    So do you think Hodel’s dad did have something to do with Short? Or do you think it’s all nuts?

    One thing I love about these conspiracies is how they’re like talking to some mentally ill people–at first the conversation makes sense but then a few minutes in you’re talking about radio implants in the teeth and it slowly sneaks up on you that this is stepping outside the bounds of, hmm, everyday speech…

  11. It turned out Hodel’s father was in fact a serious suspect and I do think he is a strong one–but for the Elizabeth Short murder, not for every murder of every woman between the ages of 18 and 55 in the continental U.S. (and Hawaii) between 1935 and 1960. But his first book is utterly riveting even when it goes awry and his followup is completely fascinating for other reasons…’s a similar pattern to Zodiac and Zodiac Unmasked, though Graysmith is a far more methodical and comprehensive investigator (it’s just the second book, like with the Hodel, he is SO eager to prove he has his man that things start to get very woolly and kinda wonderful).

  12. Yes, that’s exactly it – I thought Hodel made his father seem like a more-than-plausible suspect for the Dahlia; I’m not entirely sold, but wasn’t not sold. I could even see how he made the leap to the Lipstick Killer cases, mostly because there could be enough reasonable doubt about Bill Heirens. But add the Zodiac to the mix and to my mind it taints the plausibility of all the other scenarios. And as I said to Sara today, I think it has to do with some kind of grandiose need to make sense of a parent’s sociopathy, and that if he (usually he) is responsible for some famous, awful crimes, that somehow justifies and explains the horrible behavior inflicted on the kids.

    Having thought about this a bit I’ll temper my comment about MOST EVIL being a cash-grab. I’m sure what money there was didn’t hurt, but the book’s also out of some need Hodel clearly has to create order out of his father’s life – even if it’s order that involves, however implausibly, some of the country’s best known and unsolved crimes.

    Graysmith is another story altogether. Did anyone read his most recent book about Marli Renfro, the nude body double in Psycho? The psychological obsession was great…but the part about her being dead/not being dead had this heightened suspense that didn’t quite work. And yet, as Megan says, there’s this wooliness that makes Graysmith worth reading in a weird kind of way.

  13. Hodel also believes that his dad killed Ellroy’s mother.

  14. They’re all nuts. Including Ellroy. This is stuff is fascinating because imagination makes the ‘evidence’ seem so plausible.

    I never heard of the Goschen case but was just reading about it – okay it was on wikipedia, but still – and everything about the conspiracy rests on a mother-gone-crazy and a conman out to take advantage of a high profile crime. There is no nothing beyond the ‘testimony’ of weirdos and nuts.

  15. Can we steer this conversation back to Bob Hope? Ha ha! Just kidding! Love you!


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