secret hobbies

by Megan Abbott

In the holiday spirit, I share a few photos from my only “successful” Christmas crafts project, from lo many years ago.

At one time, both the deer (yes, that’s a deer) and the tree stood proudly but have palsied over time and with too many adjustments.

I still have four nearly-full packets of green, red and white pipe cleaners from this effort.

My favorite Christmas craft, however, I always associate with my dad, who excels at it. Ladies and gents, I present…..

…the clove-orange dusted with cinnamon. It tears up your thumb pad (thumping all those cloves) and is in many ways not very attractive (this one definitely lacks in the number of cloves).

But the scent, as the days go by, is worth it. And isn’t that what Christmas is all about?


3 Comments to “secret hobbies”

  1. When exactly is this deer from? I love him! Can we make more pipe cleaner things with your leftover pipe cleaners?

    And yes, I used to make those oranges too, we called them pomanders but we did not brush them with cinnamon–that’s a new trick! We should try making those with thimbles to protect our thumbs–last time I tried to make on I couldn’t stand it!

  2. My wife cloved up an orange this past when she made cider with the kids’ Sunday school. I never thought the orange could be left out for the scent.

    During the stabbing of the cloves I used the tip of my pocket knife to create a small hole to insert the clove.

    • But without that throbbing pain in your thumb, have you really committed to the craft??
      (I love “cloved up”— can I steal that?)

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