by Sara Gran

Is there a better day than calling in sick to school and staying home to watch TV eat a cheeseburger deluxe, and reread Hollywood Babylon? The sad thing about working at home is you can never call in sick. You can only flee and meet your likewise self-employed friends for lunch and freak out on each other. Well, that’s not so bad. But you never get to play hooky again.

4 Comments to “Babylon”

  1. Since I’m in the middle of a brief and dare I say disastrous foray into the 9-5 world, I can tell you that your nostalgia for working away from home would dry up like a leftover turkey in the microwave if you, too reentered the office. It took me two days to realize I’d made a terrible mistake. Revel in your cheeseburger, Hollywood Babylon and freakouts!

  2. Man, I don’t fucking doubt it! Turn back while you can, Monica!

  3. Why can’t there be a job that necessitates reading Hollywood Babylon??

  4. Seriously! Most jobs are about as important as reading Hollywood Babylon anyway.

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