Twin Peaks Alert!

by Sara Gran

I am obsessed with the new(ish) Twin-Peaks-themed Psych! As many of you know, Twin Peaks is basically the most important thing in my life. Pretty much every book, photo, or work of art I’ve created since 1989 is entirely derivative of (from?) Twin Peaks. I know an embarrassing amount about the show*–I was watching the Psych episode with my boyfriend and just about every minute I was all, “Oh, that’s a reference to when Mr. Palmer’s hair went wait overnight!” or “That’s like Nadine’s silent drape runners!” So it was a joy to see that this was done with a lot of love and respect, with tons of tiny little nods to the original, lots of original cast members (Bobby looks so good with his gray hair!) and even a theme song by Julie Cruise.


* This reminds me of another thing I know way too much about–I finally saw the dreadful, incest-free, Flowers in The Attic made-for-TV-movie with my friend M. a few weeks ago.  And like every two minutes I was nudging him saying, “See that guy? In the second or third book Cathy has an affair with him and he becomes the father of her second child, Bart. In book four little Bart kidnaps and almost murders Cathy.” “In the very last book, which is really a prequel, we find out that Cathy’s parents weren’t just half-uncle and half-niece–they were much more closely related! That’s why the grandmother is so upset!” “In the real story, what happens is it turns out Corrine was bringing them the doughnuts and it’s never revealed if the grandmother knew or not. Later, Carrie kills herself by giving herself the same arsenic-sprinkled doughnuts after Cathy’s husband molests her.” This may not impress people the way you would hope.


4 Comments to “Twin Peaks Alert!”

  1. I was frightened to watch it because no show means more to me than TWIN PEAKS, ever. But I should be braver! Whatever happened to Julee Cruise?
    I was so thrilled to see Sheryl Lee in a small but memorable part in Winter’s Bone…..

    And now I’m imagining Flowers in the Attic as directed by David Lynch….what could be better???

  2. Thanks for reviving old Flower in the Attic memories. The die-cut covers, and the effort of trying to figure out the plot without actually wading through all that deathless prose. The kid the next desk over buried in the book all through history class. The way they were everywhere, along with Steven King’s Salem’s Lot. Ah, highschool!

  3. Monica Nolan, brilliant author of Lois Lanz, Lesbian Secretary! Flowers in the Attic by David Lynch–Monica & Megan, we must make this happen! Written by us, directed by Lynch–this would be the best movie ever!

  4. What are we waiting for? Let’s do it!

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