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December 6, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide

by Sara Gran

Here’s my suggestion for the holidays: buy nothing! Instead, tell the people you love that you love them. Give them the gift of your full attention and devotion, instead of pretending to listen when you’re really on facebook. Keep your promises and apologize where/when you’ve been a jerk, which I promise you every single human being has been at least once this year. And that won’t end up in a landfill! If you must give something, I suggest a gift that gives thrice–you get something for the recipient, something for a good cause, and you get the gift of feeling like you did something good for the world, instead of the usual vaguely-guilty schmuck-y over-privileged feeling most of us walk around with all day. Win-win-win!

Buy a shirt or other cool gift from Street Yoga, which brings yoga to homeless youth and others in need. Think homeless people don’t need yoga? Well, PTSD and other trauma-related issues are both a major cause and a major effect of homelessness, and yoga is one of few proven methods to help alleviate the symptoms of such. I should know: yoga and meditation helped me move forward after 9/11 and Katrina, so this is a cause near to my heart.

Adopt a manatee!! These gentle giants are getting screwed by us humans–show ’em we’re not all so bad! I have adopted manatees for both adults and children and this gift NEVER fails to please. You can even go to their refuge in Florida and meet your manatee–I did this when I lived in Fla. and it was one of the more fun days of my life. You get a neat package of stuff about your manatee and a lot of good information.

Get a calandar & other cool stuff from The Sula Foundation! The foundation works both to directly improve the life of pit bulls in New Orleans, and to raise awareness of the awesomeness of pit bulls around the world. Founded by brilliant writer Ken Foster, I know that nearly every penny raised goes to help the dogs. How do I know? Because I know Ken personally, and I know it’s not one of these bullshit foundations where they claim to care but then the CEO makes a million bucks a year off YOUR donations.

And that’s it! I wish you all the best holiday season ever.

December 6, 2010

wanted, part two

by Megan Abbott

Some great mugshots sent along by folks, after yesterday’s post, beginning with the comely Patty….

Thanks to Nathan, Lesley and Paul.

December 6, 2010

Twin Peaks Alert!

by Sara Gran

I am obsessed with the new(ish) Twin-Peaks-themed Psych! As many of you know, Twin Peaks is basically the most important thing in my life. Pretty much every book, photo, or work of art I’ve created since 1989 is entirely derivative of (from?) Twin Peaks. I know an embarrassing amount about the show*–I was watching the Psych episode with my boyfriend and just about every minute I was all, “Oh, that’s a reference to when Mr. Palmer’s hair went wait overnight!” or “That’s like Nadine’s silent drape runners!” So it was a joy to see that this was done with a lot of love and respect, with tons of tiny little nods to the original, lots of original cast members (Bobby looks so good with his gray hair!) and even a theme song by Julie Cruise.


* This reminds me of another thing I know way too much about–I finally saw the dreadful, incest-free, Flowers in The Attic made-for-TV-movie with my friend M. a few weeks ago.  And like every two minutes I was nudging him saying, “See that guy? In the second or third book Cathy has an affair with him and he becomes the father of her second child, Bart. In book four little Bart kidnaps and almost murders Cathy.” “In the very last book, which is really a prequel, we find out that Cathy’s parents weren’t just half-uncle and half-niece–they were much more closely related! That’s why the grandmother is so upset!” “In the real story, what happens is it turns out Corrine was bringing them the doughnuts and it’s never revealed if the grandmother knew or not. Later, Carrie kills herself by giving herself the same arsenic-sprinkled doughnuts after Cathy’s husband molests her.” This may not impress people the way you would hope.

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