by Megan Abbott

For those of you following the sad and entrancing tale of Randy and Evi Quaid:

“The major question for all of us is what spell she has over this fellow,” said someone who used to work with Randy.

‘He’s been in this business for 40 years, and I’ve been watching his back for 25,” Evi was saying, raising her voice. “Why do you think he’s alive?”

Oh, Evi Quaid, what would James M. Cain have done with you?

5 Comments to “cabal”

  1. I am reading the article now–the conspiracy aspect of this is really something else! What if they’re right?

  2. I’m sure they’re right!

  3. It DOES seem like the gang-stalking thing, which I know we’ve talked about (and by the way I plan to do a blog post on one of these days)…

  4. Evi should also be worried about what James CAAN might do with her.

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