cookie puss!

by Sara Gran

Few will understand how wonderful this is. For some of us, it will be life-changing. The Vegan Cookie Puss, from the brilliant  Isa Chandra Moskowitz:

If you didn’t grow up in NYC the prospect might actually a little but frightening I suppose. You can wikipedia it, but in brief, Cookiepuss is a space alien who arrived at Carvel Ice Cream Bakeries with an ice cream cone for a nose and cookies for eyes and lots of frosting and sprinkles for embellishments (like a hat! and hands!) She’s made, of course, of ice cream

Carvel was a local ice cream chain and their commercials, which ran throughout the seventies and eighties in NYC, featured a variety of interesting characters the Carvel people had invented themselves. Creative brilliance at work. The only possible way to top it: a vegan Fudgie the WhaleLike Isa, though, no one ever got me a Cook Puss or Fudgie the Whale (which if I remember right was heavily promoted around father’s day, although I can’t quite imagine why). Instead I got health food crap. That’s probably why I haven’t been sick in like twenty years, but also scarred me psychologically. Well, life’s full of trade-offs, I guess.


5 Comments to “cookie puss!”

  1. while this is the first I’ve heard of CookiePuss, I am certain that, somehow, this particular visage ( has been appearing in my darksome dreams since a child!

  2. Cookie Puss! And remember Cookie Chick? And how about Cookie O’ Puss, for St Patty’s day. I miss Tom Carvel’s gravelly voiced commercials too.

  3. I remember Cookie O’Puss but not Cookie Chick! Yes, I can hear his voice in my head now–it may be pernenantly stuck there.

  4. Cookie Puss is a little bitch. Fudgie the Whale is where it’s at. I had one one time in Washington, CT. Not a whole one. Probably half. I want a vegan one. All we had were stupid Baskin Robins cakes. Cookie puss is also a bedwetter. Ask Megan.
    a little bitch. Fudgie thbb

  5. Look who thinks they get to piss all over everything just ’cause they had a Fudgie the Whale! La di da Ms Quinn! Too good for Cookie Puss!

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