Vertigo/ Bell, Book & Candle

by Sara Gran
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Funny how these movies are almost the same story told two ways. In Bell, Book & Candle, Jimmy Stewart is a hapless yet bright man who falls in love with a glamorous, frisky, fun-loving “good” witch played by Kim Novak. In Vertigo, Jimmy is a hapless yet bright man who falls in love with a confusing, shape-shifting, “bad” witch, again played by Kim Novak. Very different endings, of course!

5 Comments to “Vertigo/ Bell, Book & Candle”

  1. Yes, but Vertigo doesn’t have Jack Lemmon as a beatnik….but it does have Barbara BelGeddes as an almost-bohemian artist!

  2. Jack Lemmon in his least talking role ever, as my boyfriend pointed out! Why do I not remember Barbara BelGeddes in vertigo? Who was she?

    • Barbara Bel Geddes plays Midge, the young artist who’s pining away for Scotty. She’s in the early scene where he explains about his vertigo, introduces him later to the bookseller who explains the story of Carlotta, and then gets frustrated much later when she realizes that Scotty is in love with Madeleine. (Midge pulls her hair as I remember and calls herself “stupid stupid stupid.”)

  3. Bell Book & Candle is a fave of mine, despite the ending. I live in The Zodiac Club,BTW, I really do.

  4. Now I remember! She paints that painting of Carlotta which Jimmy finds “Not funny at all, Midge,” which leads to the “stupid, stupid stupid.”

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