Get rich quick tips # 2 & #3

by Sara Gran

# 2: Clean the entryway to your house. This is a Feng Shui thing: keep the entry to your home clear, clean, and attractive. And even if the main front door isn’t your preferred door, use it once in a while to keep the energy flowing and avoid stagnation. Basically, stagnation is what you want to avoid–in your house, your body, and your psyche. You want to keep things moving. And you want to keep your entryway nice so that when things move, your destiny of good luck and happiness can find you (and yes, I do believe that is your destiny!). Opportunity is trying to come and knock on your door. But your driveway is full of shit like old trash cans and cracked concrete and your kids’ bikes. Make sure there’s a nice attractive path for opportunity to come in.

#3: Call in your debts. When the wolf is at the door is the time to apply pressure to any and all outstanding debts. Never let anyone tell you it was too long ago or they thought you forgot. Everyone knows you didn’t forget. No one ever forgets money. Even if it was just ten bucks, that’s YOUR ten bucks. With compound interest that could have been 52 million bucks by now. And don’t let anyone feed you a line of bullshit about their accounting practices and check-cutting techniques. That’s for suckers. Tell them you did a job in good faith, on time, with no crap and no lip (and you did do that, right?), and now it’s time to pay up. Remind them of their obligation and their honor. Never cry poor. No one wants to give money to poor people. Everyone wants to give it to rich people. Just remind your debtors that they gave their word, and you know they’re a person who honors their word.

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